‘The Plan: 2020’ (Pop Art HODL Badge)

Still in the FOMO of Paypal finally officially embracing Bitcoin, after many a rumour, I’ve decided to put 3 remaining editions for sale on Opensea from the ‘Strong Hand’ series (now sold out).

A message in general for Bitcoiners in 2020, made in Jan, these editions will start with a price of 0.3 ETH and end on Dec 31st at 0.03 ETH.

So, in contrast to their Strong Hand HODL message, the longer you wait the lower their price will be! It might be best to FOMO in on ‘The Plan’ then or potentially miss out on owning one! Earn it proudly by hodling through the rest of the year, at least.

Check out the full Ade’sCryptoPress shop on Opensea, which I intend to expand and improve. You might find other v. rare special ed. pieces there, that may have otherwise sold out on Makersplace.

Oct 2020


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