‘AAVE’ you got an AAVEGOTCHI this Christmas?

image of AAVEgotchi ghosts

No!… they’ve not yet been unleashed into our world… but… soon they shall…

Everyone will have the power to summon a gotchi, and the great responsibility that comes with it!

Beyond crypto-kitties, get ready to level-up your own, spooky… Ethereum de-fi investment pet.

I’ve been meaning to highlight some more hot ‘de-fi’ stuff. I’ve finally gotten around to staking my $AAVE on the AAVE dapp, plus some $GHST on the AAVEgotchi dapp.

Why? Call it the mix of De-fi x NFT…

Find out more in new post on Medium….

GHST token diagram
Potential in the advent of $GHST :
Portal NFTs will sell out super-fast



AAVE Medium blog
Aavegotchi Medium blog
fire up the AAVE dapp (metamask)
fire up the AAVEgotchi dapp (metamask)

Dec 2020

Disclaimer: Do your own research too!


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