All hail PancakeSwap + Mirror Protocol + Terra

Heads up! PancakeSwap has been the most exciting project on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, boosting the latter’s window of opportunity versus Ethereum’s currently crazy gas fees.

The PancakeSwap platform performs an important role, aiding in the adoption, liquidity and distribution of crypto / decentralised projects on the BSC, fundraising (IFO) for new projects and increasing value of CAKE and BNB. Token burns help to keep the price steady as well as other lottery or game spin-offs.

Right now, you can even farm Bitcoin mining power in one of its many pools.

[All you need to get going on BSC, is to make some minor adjustments to your web3 / MetaMask wallet. Google search for instructions.]

You can pick up many great tokens just by pooling your $CAKE, and either hodling or ‘flipping’ them for BNB + $token to earn more $CAKEs (via liquidity provision).

Just announced: This partnership with Mirror Protocol [$MIR governance] to bring Tesla, Amazon, Google, Netflix synthetic mAssets onto the BSC ! This will be enabled by the TerraUSD stablecoin. [Note: $LUNA is its native staking asset.]

Buy some $CAKE today and get ready to farm that Terra or $UST.

With liquidity for these assets available on BSC, trading can commence.

More Art + CAKE

Now all we need is the impressive PancakeSwap team to expand a proper NFT marketplace venue for BSC. Maybe a sister site, where artists can create their own pages and start selling NFTs. If they won’t, someone will, similar to BCAEX which unfortunately suffers from poor UI design.

Check out my (updated) previous article, recommending top BinanceSmartChain projects to watch or invest.

Jan 2021.


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