Hazel Griffiths (for Coral Reefs)

This month, Ade’s Press is highlighting the VR art of Hazel Griffiths, especially this project made in Tilt Brush inspired by, and in support of Coral Reefs.

Collect an NFT and help the planet? Yes, it is possible!

Check out the Deep Dive item in particular.

The collection is available to purchase at affordable prices via BNB, since it resides on the BinanceSmartChain.

On a personal note, I’ve been intending to get round to using Tilt Brush more, and creating a nature-inspired collection, so it’s great to see fellow creatives making ‘green art’ in VR, then minting as NFT.

It would be great to ‘dive’ straight into VR and ‘experience’ the collection, which surely will be possible as the union of VR and NFTs come closer together with the advent of the ‘metaverse’.

For now, view / collect an item from ‘Coral Reef Fund @ DAFA 2021‘ via Refinable….



Ade’s Press ‘greenwise’ art.

Oct 2021


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