Collect a fragment of ‘Fountellion’ via Readl (writing NFTs on web3)

from an orig. cover design by Martina Stipan

An updating collection of ‘fragments’ (entries, extracts etc.) will now be collectible via Readl ‘Treasured Island’ collection. A limited number of collectors (depending on the item) can access the content via the Readl site.

Writing NFT sites

New, dedicated sites for writing NFTs, minting and selling on web3 are a great, emerging trend to support written creative work and projects. You can also collect classic books there as NFTs.

It’s early days, and we’ve yet to see a dedicated mobile app reader, but Readl’s website is a great start.

We also need to see a subscribe via Email function, to get updates easier for additions etc to a collection, or writer updates. Hopefully this will come soon.

Readl and Mirror

Readl is similar to Mirror (Optimism network) which is also where I publish longer-term or creative content (and where you can subscribe). I will publish this post there, and it will automatically go to Arweave (permaweb).

Final ‘Origin’ Fountellion Writings 2023…

Through Fountellion: A Personal Story of an ‘Ultimate’ Game‘ will be out this summer, and will also be a collectible in the future.

But for updating, unique + extra fragments and ideas… switch to Polygon network, load up with some MATIC and visit Readl to start collecting and supporting Fountellion etc….!

Best green wishes, and progression,

ade mc




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