Freelancing for Cryptocurrency

Earn crypto via any of these rising freelance sites that remove intermediary fees by going peer-to-peer. Some of the more interesting ones are hoping to become fully-fledged freelancing ecosystems, with a native cryptocurrency or token that provides further benefits or services to reward dedicated engagement or share revenues with users.

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Find Work… – nice, clean interface and dashboard for finding and creating ‘gigs’ (including private ones), plus familiar features of any regular, mainstream freelancing platform. It’s well integrated with existing social media (including sign up), however it all functions thanks to crypto via verifiable MetaMask and Ethereum wallet. The wallet section also includes native Lancer (LNC) token which will serve purposes on the platform. I created a profile page and tested the public version and am very impressed. There is a Tribunal section for handling disputes, a mobile app working, plus 2-factor access security option and an affiliate scheme.

Bounty0x – log-in and transact via Ethereum wallet, finding ‘bounties’ primarily aimed at promoting crypto projects, writing articles, making videos etc. – search bar and nice, clear design for job bidding system. – look for work for Bitcoin in the comprehensive listings or post a job. It has a built-in escrow system, an affiliate scheme and has clearly been around for a while. Read the FAQ. – use your MetaMask wallet to easily interact with this micro-tasking and crypto job-site. Use District0x to participate in its governance. – find work for Bitcoin. Uses very safe technology for interacting with funds by interacting with the blockchain directly. – with new partnership with related developers, this platform has plans to integrate with EOS. – still in development, and with plans to build on top of Hedera Hashgraph. It will use a native token to provide an incentivised ecosystem for freelancers. At present, log-in is via MetaMask. The token is CTF. – promising to provide a freelancing peer-to-peer ecosystem platform with native token LBR that shares revenue with those engaging with the platform. – ‘new era of freelancing powered by Blockchain’ with mobile app in development.


Listings / Other – easy to view job listings for those paying with or accepting payment in cryptocurrencies. There are apparently many employers using the platform, but this might largely be due to how it’s integrating with Upwork for its listings. – easy-to-view job listings for the crypto-space, connecting employers with new talent registering and posting their resumes onto the site. Some impressive, serious job opportunities listed, as opposed to micro-tasks.


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List updated Jan 2020.