Going to the movies in VR? Ok, what’s the best app?

image from BIgscreen Beta VR app

You can’t watch VR 360 movies socially very well…just yet. But you can watch and share 2D or 3D movies… in virtual cinema-style environments.

Yes, there are a number of different VR apps that achieve similar results, but Bigscreen Beta has achieved the best adoption across all available VR platforms/headsets right now.

Watch 3D movies without the need for a 3D TV? Well, that makes buying a VR headset now more worth the money.

Also, enter your own private theatre, meet up with your friends and family, put on the news, and discuss global events wherever you might (actually) be….


Read my full post here at Prizes Drop.com, which also outlines some of the other features of the social movie-viewing app for Virtual Reality.

Bigscreen UI at Ade's Press

August 2019

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