designs on 2017

2017 for Greenwise Designs = a lot less drawing and music and a big focus on the writing, be it blogging, articles, web writing, reviews… and hopefully VR-related ideas and projections.

Freelance sites continue to mature (such as the more recent PPH) and they have a wide array of projects and features to encourage earning online. The creation of ‘Hourlies’ is one interesting idea as a way to advertise your skills and services.

I’ll try and relate some of my experiences with this as the year unfolds…


You might see a few more personal ramblings and inspirations up here, time-permitting but The Spiral Times will be where my VR stuff will be. Please support and follow updates.





Distraction is maybe the biggest demon facing today’s artists and writers.  New Year coincided with my old laptop slowing down (understandably) to an irreversible creak. However, it enabled me to sprint free of this trusty local PC and go ‘full cloud’.

However, if the internet goes down I could be in trouble, so ‘Offline Editing’ features are hopefully not going to let me down (into hell!).

Currently I recommend Toshiba Chromebooks. Google’s OS does not update annoyingly and everything and most software you need is fast and efficient online via browser apps etc.

Phone-tidying has also been done.  If you have a big tendency to read news instead of working, try LifeRPG app or Mastery to reclaim some focus!


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