The re-branded NANO is a hot network potato; a super-fast DAG-based crypto just gunning to be more widely used and battle-tested… everywhere. Therefore, it’s watched by many a speculator. A bright future awaits if it can just win adoption, spread its wings and withstand hack attacks.

DAG is not in a fit state (yet) to knock out blockchain. There are (or will be) issues and it could take time to test and iron out. Ups and downs may lie ahead.

But if it can avoid any (more) negative limelight and see continual growth/adoption then it’s sure to win many more friends.

3 more questions:

  • Is it meeting its Roadmap this year?
  • Is the team good enough to push out the adoption/marketing it needs (without more investor incentive like mining, staking etc.. or… will the tech just speak for itself?)
  • Where is it currently adopted? Twitch, Twitter..?

Find out, then check the (full) chart price and make your decision to support an otherwise still very promising, pure-green crypto with cool tech.

Wallets: I’ve used and tested the main Nano mobile wallet and it’s clean and quick.
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