The Body VR: Journey inside a Cell


The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell – is a great concept: using VR to explore and learn about the human body. Throw in a cool, miniaturised ‘spaceship’ and depleting resources or oxygen level and you might even get an edgy game-style experience that forces you to navigate, understand and find the right exit! You might recall a fun 1980s film called ‘Innerspace‘.

This app only provides a slow and short-lived ‘Fantastic Voyage’ (an earlier film) inside a blood vessel, nucleus etc. But where it does succeed is in showing off huge potential. There is too much information for the layman once the trip gets going which must be great for students but not so great for casual VR users.

Overall, there really needs to be two kinds of inner-spacial trips on offer: an exciting one and a more learned one, which teaches and inspires. In fact, we do get a glimpse of the first kind towards the end, when a virus starts attacking a cell. It’s exciting and eye-opening, and makes the app worthwhile.

So it’s a start, and hopefully they will develop it further and expand on some nice efforts (free on GEAR VR).


Available in the Oculus Store.

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