‘Money Button’ Arrives!

The Money Button site recently launched now giving anyone the ability to create a payment button for their blog or website quickly and easily.
Money Button logo and tool

The creation of a website button is quick and easy, but you’ll need to create a new Money Button wallet too.

Once you select some options it will generate the HTML code that can then be pasted wherever. As you create the button, it can be linked to an existing crypto wallet with a choice of 24 cryptos currently available, including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, BAT, Bancor, Binance etc. There is no NANO either, but that’s because NANO tech is a bit different and not easy to integrate most likely. Note! you’ll need to create a new Money Button wallet anyway, so you can easily fund the wallet and give other people payments. However, you can choose to link the receiving destination of tips or funds to whatever wallet you like, of course. Obviously, it will need many users to begin adopting it, but the site is pretty clear and makes things simple. I don’t imagine it works with Steem, and Steem doesn’t yet feature as one of the cryptos you can choose, which is a shame, but considering it’s the same team who’ve created Yours.org there might be some competition there or something. Anyway, this is a welcome little tool to empower content creators and allow them to receive tips by means other than annoying ad revenue/referrals. It also gives readers or surfers a chance to shoot off pre-loaded micro-payments to our favourite artists and writers. It would be no bad thing to see these buttons popping up on sites etc.

The button is a cool slider type you can add any label to. [This is just a screenshot]


It doesn’t work with basic WordPress.com 😦

The code also doesn’t work within this article! I think this is possibly because I would need to upgrade my WordPress.com blog subscription to allow for adding HTML code like this.

However, they intend to bring out a WordPress plugin soon. I’ve also just tested to see if the code works in a WordPress widget (custom HTML) but the answer is no, on my current plan.


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