Crypto for Creatives: PO.ET (POE) and R.A.R.E intends to leverage the Bitcoin mainnet and IPFS (for storage) to bring us its protocol suite for creators and creative content.

The best link for information on how it all works is here:
How Does Work !

It’s early days for this exciting project for creatives (so worth signing up for updates at the site) but at the same time, work seems to be evolving fast, with a live mainnet and roadmap targets acquired.

There is already a way to start ‘stamping’ or proving one’s own content via a WordPress plug-in. However, a more user-friendly gateway is still needed and should be forthcoming.

The crypto token is POE and can be purchased on There have been some rumours that it’s to be listed on Coinbase, so value is expected to rise.

Resources – main site
Integrations and plugins

Medium info
Telegram discussion
Reddit discussion
Twitter updates


R.A.R.E – Digital Art Network

This is another similar project with a bigger focus on fine art and concept artists.

R.A.R.E uses Ethereum and IPFS to create a service that makes it easy for artists to bring scarcity, protection and a marketplace (for purchase and trade) of their more unique digital creations. IPFS is not known for being fast, but solutions are most likely coming.

Artists can issue R.A.R.E. Art Tokens for their digital art files with any R.A.R.E. Gallery. Rare Art Labs is building the first R.A.R.E. Gallery and will provide early access and elevated support to R.A.R.E. Preferred Artists.

Already, you can browse the site (or dapp) and start discovering artwork today, that is unique and available to own. Using Metamask, you can make offers on an artwork, in Ethereum. The big advantage then, is just like a real piece of art, you can own it uniquely and can ‘withdraw’ it, perhaps for you to print in limitless ways (but for personal use only).

The dapp/site is looking good, and log-in and sign up is v. easy. You’ll need the MetaMask browser extension to handle the orders, as it uses Ethereum blockchain.

You can also create ‘Galleries’ of works that you’re interested in, which should be another great feature. They come with a Discussion and Followers panel at present.

Here is my profile:
Here is a gallery I’ve created, relating to nature or ‘Greenwise Art‘…(inspired by natural themes and ideas. Feel free to contact me to suggest a piece to be added.)

The revolution of ‘digital ownership’ continues…

At time of writing, as an artist you can sign up at the site, and register 3 samples for submission. To be considered it might be a good idea to ensure the works are consistent, from an existing, strong body of work.


R.A.R.E – main site for artists
The RARE dapp – discover new art

Medium info
Telegram discussion
Discord discussion
Twitter updates


There are also exciting, emerging photo-stock blockchain-based projects such as Photochain (PHT).

Feb 2019


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