How to introduce your friends and family to EOS? SendEOS!

UPDATE: This project (SendEOS) seems no longer to be online at this time.

Screenshot of SendEOS website

The SendEOS website

EOS is fast shaping up to be a really interesting blockchain that is seeing some fast-paced dApp development, exciting project ideas, adoption and investor interest. The price is less volatile than many other cryptos but if anything is still undervalued by the present market.

Also, there are rumors of some major upgrades/developments/announcements coming this summer.

Use that crypto

Besides any such speculation, I’m really enjoying finding out about these new projects that are often not only useful and fun but potentially lucrative or intriguingly ‘monetized’. Also, holding EOS in some of the much better-looking mobile wallet-apps these days gives you access to free airdrops of these projects, and also ‘Airgrabs’ or ‘candy’ where you can use your CPU power to attain more tokens regularly.

You can also access a DEX (decentralised exchange) like Newdex directly inside these mobile wallet-apps, and trade these tokens securely as their value increases, or if you simply need to get hold of one quickly to use (say, if you need some IQ tokens to power up and contribute info to

I use the Meet.One eos mobile app and really recommend it.

Traders are missing out on the exciting things happening within EOS by not ever using it. It’s true that at this stage many dapps are still gambling-based (check out BetHash for a fun one) but it’s these that are pushing the ecosystem forwards, and besides, gambling’s just right for any trader.

Spreading the word

However, the process of account creation and setup has not always been easy with EOS.

Thankfully this is beginning to change due to better design, superb mobile apps and other great little sites/projects.

So… What if your friends and family don’t currently have an EOS account?

Try using the Sendeos website where you punch in their email address with a message, and how much to send.

Check out the How it Works page.


Coming soon…. dMail on EOS (decentralised email). Sign up to this blog for post notifications.

April 2019


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