EOS REX is live! Rent out your EOS for passive income


If you’re an EOS hodler then there is now a further incentive (besides getting Airdrops) not to trade your tokens: the EOS REX or Resource Exchange.

This is an excellent article on Steemit from EOS NewYork, with many of the details and options for starting out.

Personally, I’ve been checking out the new website Eosrex.io for it also has great information including videos, and you can log-in via Scatter.

Developed by EOS Authority (EOS page), a BP that also developed Space Invaders on EOS(!)

Note: You’ll need to have voted for at least 21 BPs (or you can select a proxy) in order to start contributing to the pool.


There is another, similar option that’s been live for longer which is Chintai and CHEX. They are just as viable an option.

You can read a decent comparison of the two options at this webpage.

April 2019


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