Cryptoslate: A great site for exploring crypto

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It’s not just Ade’s Crypto Press that hopefully offers a handle on ‘internet magic money’. A great website and handy mobile page (no app yet) that I’ve just discovered is:


For exploring and investing in cryptocurrencies, visit the Coins section where you’ll see they’ve been broken up into categories, which makes navigating through the asteroid belt of crypto maybe less confusing.


Energy coins
Art coins (see also my previous post on a few of these)
Virtual Reality coins (yes, another focus on this site)
Cannabis coins
and, not yet related?! Abandoned coins!

You can check BTC dominance at the top, and also the total number of crypto projects. The first 10 trending news stories provide an immediate overview of the current sentiment in the market.

If you’re viewing Ade’s Press here in full (on desktop/laptop) then I’ll also add a permanent link in the side menu, the ‘dashboard’, (under Explore coins) so it will always accompany these personal postings or forays through the crypto space.

All-in-all, looks set to become a very well-structured and presented resource for any navigator and investor.

Hope it helps you too. Sign up, or stay tuned!

May 2019


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