Update to previous post + buy signals for BTC, EOS, BNB and LINK

I’ve just updated my previous post from back in May which featured strong buy signals for BTC, EOS, BNB and LINK.

All signals in the green for these projects, despite Binance taking a hit. EOS has rebounded following VOICE announcement and recent pull-back.


Influence of Facebook on the market

As expected, Facebook Globalcoin may be bringing positive sentiment to cryptocurrency market, since it is no threat to Bitcoin.

Under the hood is what is vital in crypto, and Facebook’s Globalcoin will never be real crypto, but a governed stablecoin. It’s not where crypto will always keep heading (unfortunately for some), which is beyond banks or the control of big companies or institutions.


Eco-friendly Bitcoin cloud mining…


No further News/Market Highlights/Advice on the market right now.


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