Update on Blockstack (STX): Token Sale complete

logo for STX token

One of the simplest ways to enter and start exploring decentralised apps / dapps (ie. the emerging decentralised internet world) is simply by firing up the Blockstack browser: [chocks away…!]

It was this accessibility – and level of development progress – that got me interested in Blockstack and its new token STX (Stacks), and why I entered the token sale for my portfolio.

The key aspect is to create your unique ID, because this is what provides your secure access to the ecosystem (see also video below). This is because users own all their own data, used in its dapps (unlike traditional apps).

Token Sale complete!

If you signed up for the token offering, a milestone in the history of token sales in that it was SEC-approved, and that US residents were able to participate, then this is now completed to the tune of $23m.

You can read the post direct from Blockstack here.

The token will contribute to further development and growth of the ecosystem and network as per the Roadmap.


Sept 2019

Blockstack.org website
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See Ade’s Crypto Press previous CoinView page covering Blockstack.org



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