Get paid for web searching (plus 25 PRE with this link)

Logo of Presearch project

Search needs disrupting. I’m a huge fan of what is building, in terms of getting something back for using its (wide & decentralised) search options. Use the Ade’s Crypto Press link to get 25 free PRE tokens for signing up.

Recently, I went into my Chrome/Brave browser setttings and updated my homepage to so when I hit the Home icon, I no longer go past Google.

The (only) downside to signing up? (and getting 25 free PRE tokens with my link), is that you do get some advertising just before it presents you with your results. But it’s a small price to pay for supporting the community, retaining your data and getting paid in crypto.

image of dashboard

Example of Account dashboard options

Read more about the project at my previous Presearch post here.

…And other crypto offers

Stay tuned as I keep my eyes peeled for decent projects that give you something for signing up.

Oct 2019.


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