My new Permanent, Decentralised Website + Domain

Mcopress.crypto : established June 2020

I’m unstoppable (!) and so soon will more of my content. Yes, because I’ve used Unstoppable Domains to create a decentralised website. It may even one day ‘plug in’ (?) to this WordPress one! For now, it’s just a one-page alternative using the ‘portfolio’ template.

You can view it at mcopress.crypto (using the Unstoppable Browser extension on usual browsers.) You can’t quite search the decentralised web without the extension, but there are new engines appearing [note: Just recently, see Blockscan.]

No-one can censor these sites. No-one can take it down or tell me to renew it or alter my subscription. Take that internet providers! It’s mine!

I chose .crypto because it’s a more generic extension, and because it acts as a crypto wallet address too. That means you can use any of the following wallets (at time of writing) to send me crypto using just mcopress.crypto, including Trust wallet:

Why is it a Big Thing?

I spent $40 to buy this domain name via Paypal. I can sell it if I wish to, but otherwise it will be mine… forever. Only I have control of it via my log-in to Unstoppable Domains and MetaMask Ethereum access.

The files are published to IPFS, the decentralised file storage web (via Pinata).

Every time I want to change it, I need to pay a small gas fee (depending on network congestion). I don’t mind paying: it’s my site this time!

Unstoppable Domains make the process easy, and provide website templates. They also allow for more comprehensive blog updates (see video below) but this could lead to more extensive use, and I think it’s worth waiting for Ethereum to speed up, and gas fees to come down.

Invest in a name!

But it’s a good time to pick up a domain name and get started. And…. you can use this link to get $10 off your first domain name purchase. Currently, there are .ZIl and .CRYPTO extensions available, but expect others to arrive. I think .CRYPTO has real staying power, but many clever names have gone already. The shorter the name: the price shoots up, but many clever or trendy names out there still remain available.

NOTE: This post follows on from my previous post about Unstoppable Domains and ENS.

This project is a revolutionary step forwards for web3, for online individual rights and ownership.

How to Create a Blog Video

June 2020

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