Crypto Tools (and a ‘Hodlers Creed’)

Here are some tools and platforms I use right now. To learn why, read the ‘Hodler’s Creed’ below.

  • MetaMask wallet. Browser extension and mobile app (Better for Eth tokens.)

Zerion + : These 2 apps + sites work with your MetaMask wallet and do cool things. Pretty amazing features.

  • Trust multi-crypto mobile wallet.

Secure, longer-term holdings where you can still participate in staking for certain projects. It has close ties with Binance, but you have the keys.


Temporary trading option. One of the biggest and most secure, liquid centralised exchanges. Major player in crypto also exploring or incorporating decentralised options. For longer-term, store in Trust wallet.

  • (link to my offer page for referral code) payment card and app.

If I do ever want to buy/spend my crypto, I can send it here since I now have a metal card. These companies are headed in the right direction and yes, are ‘crypto banks’ but we need these competitors (Binance, Coinbase..) in the space right now.

A traditional bank updated, although not (yet) a replacement. I love how the app automatically rounds-up your spare change regularly into Bitcoin.
Note: you cannot yet transfer crypto in or out.

Drop me a line, or a comment below with any recommended tools I may have missed out, which I may add to this list.


Ade’s Press ‘Hodler’s Creed’

Just some advice for serious crypto investors.

  • Go long and chill out.
  • Respect Bitcoin and ‘Not your keys, not your Bitcoin.’
  • Keep majority of crypto in web3 wallet where you have the keys. Many wallets will still offer you options to stake or join pools.
  • Centralised exchanges: A temporary option. Be wary of Locked programs where many programs are for larger investors.
  • Join at least one network.
  • Diversify, but track your investments. (If you’re not using a token, you should wonder why you have it. Invest in what you use, this can be useful!)
  • Try not to FOMO. Wait for prices to settle before buying in.
  • Try not to invest in crypto to make money. Too many are trying this. Invest in a project because you want it to succeed and support it.


Hope this helps.

Last update: Sept 2020.


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