Affordable new NFTs via Refinable

Hey, you hardy collectors and hodlers out there. You can now collect latest limited ed. Ade’s Press ‘ZenArt‘ hand-drawn crypto-art (etc.) via Refinable on the Binance Smart Chain. Gas fees are low and so are prices. You might also find something of value or reference!

Besides, everyone needs a little Zen in their lives, including crypto wisdom and coin-based art.

Refinable + FINE token?

It’s still an early platform but it’s easy to use, and will hopefully add more features once BSC becomes more integrated into hearts, minds and wallets.

I’m still minting Ethereum NFTs via Makersplace, but this alternative platform has been a less costly option, when gas fees soar, and I can explore a quicker and inkier style there.

You’ll see different ‘HODL art’ on sale at Refinable, and I hope to add new tokens to celebrate soon. Be proud to hodl your crypto!

Also, stay tuned for a free giveaway to readers of this blog, once I can figure out how to send tokens on BSC.

I’m also an investor in the FINE token for the platform, as it has decent features so far. It still needs more work though.

Pick up your Ade’s Press Zen NFT while it’s early; on the BSC today, pay with BNB for regular crypto users and non-whales.

I’ll be posting shorter updates, as NFTs, so you can ‘own’ a piece of this very blog.

NOTE: once you purchase, I recommend storing your image file on permanent storage like Arweave. You’ll need another extension and AR wallet to store on dapp like ARdrive.

June 2021


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