‘2020s NFT owner’

I’m selling this special ed. NFT via my OpenSea for 0.1 ETH.

Alt. title: ‘I Own this NFT in the 2020s (The Burden of Art)’

Who will be the next owner?

View the full, animated artwork

The value of art lies in seeing new perspectives, enjoying the results of time and effort it’s taken to create an image or explore an idea… and other reasons too. What will NFTs become? What will ‘collecting’ them come to mean?

Will an artwork bear the same power in the digital world? Will it open our eyes to something?


Note to Collectors: the related image can be downloaded (via link, unlocked after purchase). It’s recommended to store this file carefully, possibly on decentralised storage option such as Arweave.

You can see more from this in ‘Seeing Squares’ and ‘Greenwise’ series also on Makersplace.

I may release more special ed. art via Opensea from time to time.



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