‘A Money Tree from the Cedar Tavern’ (Dynamic NFT on Async)

preview of The Money Tree NFT
enter the money tree matrix on Async…

The Async.art NFT minter + marketplace is where you can create dynamic artworks (art or music). These are pieces that alter or update according to external events like night and day, hourly changes etc. And there are more templates to come. I’ve ‘planted’ one photo-artwork I’m happy with, changing every hour, with relative ease.

Also, you can create ‘Blueprints’, which is an easy tool to organise and sell more numerous pieces (and where creators can include rarity values etc. and sell more of one layer than another, plus the master image, as in a photoshop image). This also allows a collector/buyer to own a piece, and select how that piece will look from some different layers included. Remember to factor in Ethereum gas fee (at time of writing).

Login to Async.art can be via web3. Once accepted onto the platform, creatives can use their Async Canvas option to access templates, which are pretty straightforward. They make the process of creating multi-layered artworks much easier. It’s going to be exciting to see new templates appear that might, for example, respond to price fluctuation in cryptocurrencies, weather patterns etc. It’s where we can see digital artwork displayed around our homes (perhaps via a Meural frame) become even more interesting, useful (indicative of external events) and of course, properly owned via the Ethereum blockchain!

When you’ve finished prepping your artwork, creators can then pay to mint as NFT. These artworks will then appear on other marketplaces too, including Opensea, but (note) are designed for the Async site.

‘A Money Tree from the Cedar Tavern’

My first experiment explores the ‘organic metaverse’ of the Pachira Aquatica in 24 images. The piece changes every hour to a different, enhanced photograph of a Money Tree houseplant. For every photo ‘adventure’ exploring the plant I used specially selected filters and adjustments to bring out details and effects. [See also: my related project on Opensea exploring plant forms for inspiration.] The Cedar Tavern was the bar in NYC where major figures of the 1950s abstract expressionist painters got together.

preview state from 'The Money Tree' NFT
another ‘state’ of the plant

You can select ‘Explore Artwork‘ on Async, or view the current ‘state’….
I hope to create some more dynamic works, and more green artworks, in time.
View the NFT via Opensea.

More about it:

A ‘Money Tree’, or Pachira Aquatica is said to bring good financial fortune and positive ‘chi’, or energy, into a home.

I’m interested in plants and organic structures, here from an artistic perspective and as a means of (abstract) expression in various media including photographic art. It was also to cope with both a seasonal (winter) and social (covid/omicron) mood.

We still have so much to learn from plants: architecturally, spiritually, scientifically… It’s a metaverse right before us, much replaced in favour of colder, less interesting structures.

A main objective is simply to take the viewer closer or ‘inside’ the houseplant over 24 hours and to explore and appreciate its details via unusual perspectives, perhaps finding inspiration in the organic design. The 24 individually-enhanced, selected images are not tied to the hours from any single day but have been chosen to follow a loose progression; my own adventure or preoccupation. You could say this Money Tree is a reflection of its unique growth and my small mission to find out (or ‘see’) the details of this growth.

Why do we strive to explore and enhance Nature? Perhaps we want to make it more attractive than it is, to increase its appeal, and energy, and to impress the passive viewer (within) somehow through our diverse bids for control and freedom? The result: this new form of ‘super’ Money Tree as a dynamic NFT.

The process of art can be as obsessive as studying money markets, or finding global cures for viruses, and it’s a question which relates to an ongoing series titled ‘Organic Metaverse’. It aims to explore our need for being lost in the natural world, already present, right before our eyes, and where ‘a fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.’ (Blake).

Most of art is a safe form of exploring, so let’s set out once more, to possibly reveal more of the less familiar and hidden things, or just find sanctuary there.


Feb 2022.


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