In Memory of Mark James Pullin

This post is in tribute to a good friend – Mark Pullin – from my time at university (c. 1999-2002).

He played and sang in a band, but he was also starting out on a risky journey through abstract art, its creation, but with complete dedication to mood and color.

I don’t know if Mark knew much about NFTs but I don’t think he would have been interested (possibly for his photographic pieces of North Wales, and interiors of hospitals during the Covid crisis). He primarily worked in traditional media, standing up for hero artists, using the mystical medium of paint and texture.

None of this I can outline; it’s necessary to visit his FB page (and other sites), for it’s a chronicle, in his own words, of his experimentations and influences in his process. This might have helped him to express and confront his demons, but it held no guarantee of a cure for them.

Mark with one of his abstract paintings.
strongly influenced by the ‘irascibles’, incl. rothko

‘I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way, things I had no words for.’



Wish I could have caught up again. Rest in peace.


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