The Dawn of the ‘Dawn of CryptoArt (AI)’ NFT Collection

Available from August 1st 2022, a new, AI-generated NFT Collection: Dawn of CryptoArt (AI) via Opensea, on Ethereum.

I’ve been creating original cryptoart since 2019 (logos, hodl badges, cryptopopcryptomagic etc..) and am still so involved in how this technological (re)evolution is unfolding, retreating, progressing… Now, I’ve leveraged an AI tool to output more appreciations, chronicles, celebrations, and warnings.

Explore this AI collection and if interested just add an item to favourites and drop your Ethereum address below this post with the name of an item. You might receive one before the collection goes on sale!

There may be more items added exploring other projects over time. For now, Metamask and Ethereum have filled my ‘dreams’, which is a good word for AI outputs.

Will there be perks for NFT owners? Only in terms of possible future drops and larger editions and even prints, but it depends.

Thoughts on AI-generated artwork

It starts with photoshop filters and mobile apps which generate cartoon versions of your face. Things evolve rapidly from there. AI artwork generation will affect artists and artwork more and more. I’m not a fan of a lot of the lazy AI outputs and experiments being bundled together straight into NFTs, many of which are easily identifiable as AI outputs.

However, I’ve had a brilliant time inputting my art and seeing it re-imagined, re-invigorated or remixed with new, abstract elements, messages and emotional force. I’ve been able to explore and save new interpretations of a simple idea in a shorter time I’d otherwise never have been able to produce.

There’s really no turning back from using AI as a tool, and there’s a huge array of potential in communicating ideas about eg. cryptocurrency, architecture, fantasies and dreams.

AI is — and will be — clearly, an awesome tool for allowing artists and designers to input their creations and see derivative results which can then direct them onwards towards new ideas, messages and far more stunning images.

It’s possible to see a time where a quick sketch or idea can then be ‘filled in’, beautified and amplified by AI software and website generators. And this will be also the case for music etc.

However, the human guiding hand and underlying source artwork remains… essential? In most cases.

Welcome to the dawn of AI-directed artwork as a whole….

More about the ‘Dawn of CryptoArt (AI)’ NFT Collection

These are personally-selected (curated), unique AI outputs inspired by crypto projects, created here at the dawn of AI art generation (2022), using AI generator Dream app from Wombo.

Source artwork is from logos found online and original crypto-art. (To see and collect this source artwork, check out

Items are often directed towards conveying a certain message, warning or appreciation, via different art styles.

If you like one but can’t buy… just Add to Favorites, which also helps the collection.

Rarity: There are 5 available only of each in most cases. However, there are also some rarer / special edition items.

Hope you like 👍 Keep calm and HODL on!

ade mc

July 2022

For a limited time: Drop your Ethereum address below with name of item you’re interested in!


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