Some early DALL-E experiments

Just think, making ‘artwork’ used to be a physical thing. People used to actually stand up in front of a canvas in RL, or in VR, and move brushes, mice, controllers or hands around. And what was that Jackson Pollock guy all about again?

My early AI art experiments with DALL-E have been interesting! DALL-E is an OpenAI tool in beta [not yet open to everyone] for creating unique artwork from natural language phrases, and it’s certainly powerful. See also an earlier post about all this (‘More Thoughts on Ai Art‘) using Wombo app.

I’m a bit disappointed download size is currently not v. high-res… but I guess more features should arrive soon. You only get so many credits so use the tool… wisely.

Look out, naked art world. AI art…is here, and among us…

The phrase I used to get this output was: “A digital fantasy art painting of an internet-based Artificial Intelligence program (DALL-E) taking the art and design creative industry by storm.”

Next phrase: “Fantasy art rendition of an organic plant colony with spaceships.”
Note how it helps to mention details of both content and art style you want as output.

I can’t see any spaceships, but I’m impressed by 4/5 different samples as outputs, and the organic structures that resulted in this one (so I chose this one).

“Digital art of an internet-based Artificial Intelligence program (DALL-E) taking over the art and design world in 2022.”

Pretty cool and intriguing.

“Digital art of an internet-based Artificial Intelligence program (DALL-E) taking over the art and design world in 2022”

“Synthwave fantastical rendition of an organic colony in the trees.” (love it)

“An oil painting of Artificial Intelligence taking the Art and Design World by Storm” (Indeed!)

“Synthwave fantastical rendition of an organic colony in the trees.”

“Digital art painting of a small, black-robed, bearded man with a strong staff atop a grassy cliff overlooking a wide estuary.”

This one impressed me for the specific illustrative elements I was seeking, and was rewarded with.

Phrase: “Fantasy art depiction of an organic, plant-based colony of the future in an overgrown setting.”

I love the organic structure as possible colony or Pandora-style concept art in this one.

“Digital cyberpunk art showing the Death of Human Art Creation.” (!!)

In fact, endless possibilities….

Note: I’ve not received great results just yet from using a source image, eg. from ‘Organic Metaverse‘ collections, but will post more if/when I do.


At what point is a ‘visual communicator’, standing before such magic AI mirrors going to be content with the results; with having fully explored an idea? Maybe the answer lies in the cultural landscape around them which they are seeking to add to, or enhance.

Nature is a theme which runs through my own art, but also our growing preoccupation with it via climate change, and therefore the results selected for this post, to a degree?

It feels like adventures in AI art are just beginning…

Aug 2022

One response to “Some early DALL-E experiments

  1. Everyone in my readings today has a different take on AI generated art. Would you consider it more a label as Fantasy Art? Just intrigued. I was slotting it in with digital art.



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