Mirror Genesis

I’m a fan of the Mirror platform, for posting longer-lasting or creative content which can be collected by readers.

Platforms like WordPress, Blogger are fine for impersonal, temporary content and hobby blogs, but when it comes to a more significant post, or something which has taken a while to put together, like a poem, small book, concept post: then Mirror gives you control.

It works with Polygon and Optimism for fast, cheap transactions with Ethereum security. All this means, is you’ll need to add the Optimism etc. networks quickly to your Metamask etc, and bridge over some ETH to Optimism. Or use MATIC.

The Mirror Genesis is available now and worth the free mint via Ethereum to support the platform and new feature: ‘Subscribe to Mint’ where your subscribers only can mint from a collection of your NFT content.

Or you can still create and mint solo Entries.

All posts are automatically saved to Arweave permanent storage.



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