Brave browser now paying users to watch ads

Ade’s Crypto Press is a big fan of the Brave browser and its automatic, in-built crypto-tipping feature.

There’s nothing you need to do to reward particular sites and content creators you visit regularly. The browser does this for you; supporting their work by small contributions, which you can set manually. You can even be the one to get some in return. [At this moment in time I currently support two great Youtubers: Crypto Daily and Chico Crypto.]

Brave also happens to be a fast browser that cuts out data tracking and ads.

It’s very easy to set up this tipping feature within the browser, but at some point you’ll need to register/connect your Uphold wallet for BAT withdrawals or, if you’re interested in receiving rewards for certain ‘channels’ you run, register as a content publisher.

The Brave Rewards program works for anybody with a (full) wordpress site, Youtubers, Twitter (and probably more coming). Just remember to claim your rewards by registering, or you can lose the BAT that you earn.

Watch ads in return for BAT

Just recently here in April 2019, you can now get paid in BAT to watch adverts that are part of the Brave ads program. However, this is a completely optional feature. The idea is really for users to keep the BAT in the browser for rewarding sites and users. This keeps the cycle running, returning more rewards to those actually creating popular content.

Let’s see how it works out, but it could well be a bit of a game-changer.

Note for Chromebook users

There is also a mobile Brave browser app, which should soon have the same features as the desktop version, including the payment for ads.

However, if you find all this just isn’t for you (it’s quite a radical shift), or you’re not interested in changing to a new browser, you could look into BitTube as an alternative. It’s just a browser extension, meaning you can keep your existing browser, but it has many of the same concepts as Brave and BAT only it uses Tubes. I’m also watching this project and hope to do a separate post on this soon.

Don’t forget to keep Ade’s Crypto Press on your Brave site list 😉 so I can keep posting these independent highlights, reviews and occasional market signals.

I’ve not yet registered this site with Brave Rewards, but my Youtube channel can receive rewards via this referral link.

Here’s to the Brave new world of global crypto-spreading cheer!


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