VeriArti: collectible art hits the Vechain block

promo for VeriArti

Just as with MakersPlace artists and art collectors can now sign up at and deal in digital artworks that have been tokenised as trade-able, rare assets.

What’s the big deal? Artists can now: Claim Authorship, Tokenise and Monetise (as a one-of-a-kind item) and display in a personal and interconnected gallery. Collectors can obviously: Invest, Prove their Ownership and Collect+Access the full file.

It’s early days so the whole site could use a more cohesive design upgrade, but it’s up-and-running and with promising features.

There’s also not much art yet to browse. Also, you can’t yet make a public art store, only one that shows for existing, signed-in members. It seems there’s a fair bit of work still to get this properly off the ground. A proper Roadmap would be handy.

image with info on VeriArti

That being said, it only took me about 30 minutes to sign up for free, feel okay about my profile page and upload some artwork. I decided to upload a set of designs on ‘cybernature’ I made back in 2007.

The process was pretty fast, although I found the upload art submission form could also do with some improvements. Some vital options don’t seem to be working yet.

There are also different membership packages, which seem to make sense, and relate to options like timed auctions and fee delegation.

The whole ‘Stamp‘ concept (a ‘copyright engine’ coming soon) is also interesting, and I like the idea of ownership proof support, without needing any knowledge of crypto. To quote:

In high-level terms, a user pays a small fiat cost, VeriArti pays the transaction fee for the user, all the while they retain the private keys to the data.

It’s just welcome to see such a project / dapp on the Vechain blockchain (read an overview of Vechain on previous post).

The NFT market will surely get going, so wishing VeriArti the veri best.


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