The Ade’s Press De-Fi Hotlist

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Just handy reference…to a personal, evolving hotlist of interesting protocols/platforms establishing themselves in Decentralised Finance.

Notes: Many of these are BSC-based, or are branching out onto other networks. You might find more overview/opinion about them by searching on this site [mobile users must scroll down beneath this post to use Search bar].

DYOR. These are not in any order, but are those which I’ve personally used, or find to be somewhat established, audited and safe to use (however, that is no guarantee against future protocol or smart contract attacks, price dumps or chain or market events). A small number of these have suffered attacks already, but have worked hard to report, learn and bounce back from (to regain trust). I don’t advise investing significant sums into any, unless (at least) taking out some smart contract insurance.

If you haven’t heard or used some of these, then happy exploring.

Network (gas etc.) Tokens

  • Ethereum (Eth)
  • Binance Coin (Bnb)
  • Cosmos (Atom)

Projects / Platforms

  • PancakeSwap (Cake)
  • Alpaca (Alpaca)
  • PancakeBunny (Bunny, Mound, Qbit)
  • CafeSwap (Brew, Mocha)
  • ApeSwap (Banana, GoldenBanana)
  • GooseDefi (Goose)
  • bEarn (Bfi, Bdex, Bdo etc.)
  • Squirrel (Nuts)
  • Venus (Xvs, Vrt)
  • Aave (Aave)
  • Yearn Finance (Yfi)
  • cVault Finance (Core)
  • Vox (Vox)

Dex / Aggregators

  • 1inch (1inch)
  • OpeanOcean (Ooe)
  • Mdex (Mdex)


  • CertiK (Ctk)


  • Beefy.Finance (Bifi)

No-Loss Lottery…

  • Pool Together (Pool)
  • Moonpot (Pots)


  • BabyCake (Babycake)


Yes, there are many others, but I go with experience, team and documentation.
Suggestions are welcome below.
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Last updated: August 2021


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