GRAIL NFT project mixing tarot with adventure story/world of myth and legends. 2022.

I’ve got a number of Tarot card packs/apps, including this Arthurian legend one. I like how artwork and symbols can influence spiritual thinking, so you don’t have to really need to believe in anything spiritual when you draw a card. Maybe just in the power of coincidence.

Character and Tarot cards also seem to complement NFTs… with the surprise act of minting, then trading, collecting, creating meaning for them…

If owning cool character art isn’t enough, these NFT projects can also build stories and worlds around them, driven/directed by their holders.


An example NFT project mixes character cards with Arthurian legend and adventure story/quest is GRAIL NFT on Tezos blockchain.

[You can easily download a Tezos browser wallet, and load it up with Tezos sent from Coinbase etc.]

The project is minting now… what card will you get? I like the roadmap and ideas, and the team seem committed. Owners of limited edition cards, including rare ones, will get to use them to vote on the direction of the story surrounding them.

DYOR when it comes to these projects. However, having just bought some cards I can verify reception. Log-in to the site works well and you can view your cards there, stored on IPFS and downloadable.

Test of time will depend on its community via discord, twitter etc. adding value to the cards, and the production of future artwork in cards to expand.

Stay tuned to GRAIL NFT on Twitter.



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